Sports activities taught for the youth in such a tender age help them keep themselves occupied and from trouble typically prevalent at that age. Indulging in extracurricular activities in school can also teach them essential social skills needed for future endeavors in education and work. Interschool activities and competitions can open new doors of opportunities and scholarship. Here is a list of the top physical activities you should consider sending young ones to enroll.


Football is among the most famous and in demand interschool extra curriculum activity made available to students. This favorite sport if taught at a young age can guide students through elementary and even offer college scholarships based on their performance. Football is predominantly male-dominated sport making it less favorable for girls.


Both girls and boys equally play this sport. Basketball is a sport that is widely performed throughout the world. Kids can start competing at minor leagues as young as seven years old. Their motor, dribbling and shooting skills can be honed through various sports camps. Competing in national league basketball can fund your younger one’s college education.



Track activities like sprinting, relay, hurdles and other throwing activities are among other competitive sports activities available to kids. Kids can enroll and start competing at meets from the age of 9 years.

Baseball/ softball

These top-rated interschool activities are high in demand. Baseball and softball offer minor leagues for kids from the age of 4 and major leagues from the age 16 in high school and college.


Youth soccer leagues train and prepare young ones for their prospects in upcoming competitions and tournaments later in their school sports career. Kids young as three years old can start soccer training.


Volleyball is very famous. This sport supports both boy and girl teams as well that can compete in leagues and guide their way through school and college.


This sport focuses on weight and age division for both boys and girls. Kids can start participating in this sport from age 7 and make their way through interschool competitions from junior high. Wrestling competitions are based on weight classes.

Cross country

The cross run is an extremely athletic sport that requires running over natural terrains for long duration concentrating on a dedicated mindset that is often found in older age students in high school and college.


Tennis is an excellent activity for all kids and of all ages to efficiently utilize time and guide them through school with college enrolment opportunities.

Swimming and diving

These aquatic sports provide kids with opportunities to compete in competitions and tournaments with career-enriching opportunities. Kids of usually ten years and older participate in these sports. Moreover these ports offer an array of health benefits specifically for growing kids.