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It is with great pleasure that I extend greetings. With your support, the Urban League of Battle Creek has over 40 years of providing direct services to thousands of individuals in our community.

Empower Youth

The Urban League of Battle Creek offers three scholarships to high school seniors.

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You can join the Urban League movement by becoming a member or supporter. 

Strengthen Community

Our Family Focus Agenda is structured to help people dream and to make choices which assist in helping them to realize their dreams.

Current Campaigns

  • Future Force

    Enhance leadership, academic, social and life skills.

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  • Youth Leadership Camp

    to promote leadership, volunteerism/community service, cultural enrichment and healthy lifestyles. 

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  • Focus Academy

    An alternative setting for adjudicated youth and other students who as a result of bad choices.

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  • PEER (Positive Educational End Result) 

    Designed to improve school bonding, improve academic performance, increase positive behavior.

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Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Lawyer


While not every legal battle requires a lawyer, for most situations that involve a legal dispute going it alone is not way too risky. Attorneys spend the better part of their lives studying the law and as such are best positioned to ensure you get a fair trial. Below are other reasons; 

Save money 

Lawyers have the best knowledge, skills, and experience to fight for what you deserve. Their deep understanding of the law gives them adequate knowledge to negotiate on your behave. Attorneys, therefore, have what it takes to get you a better best deal than you would otherwise receive without a lawyer. Note that there are some cases that allow you to claim legal fees meaning besides getting a fair trial, you may end up not paying a single cent. 

Correctly file paperwork 

Filing court documents properly is paramount. Messing up with them may occasion dismissal of your case. Lawyers, having studied the law widely, know the right documents and the right procedure to follow when filling them. They are, therefore, in position to guide you in advance on what to prepare and when and how to file the same effectively ensuring you do not miss the deadline. Failing to meet the deadline may derail your case, delay the legal procedure or even have it determined against you. 

Avoid pitfalls 


An average person may not know all their rights as citizens and attorneys are there to explain and help you fight for such rights. Did you know that even attorneys themselves normally hire the services of other lawyers to represent them? So, always hire the services of a lawyer, whether you are reviewing a contract, starting a business, or dealing with anything that has possible legal ramifications. This way, you will avert avoidable pitfalls.  

To match your opponent 

With the popularity and relevance of lawyers with court cases, there is a high likelihood your opponent has seasoned lawyer representing them. The last thing you want is to enter into a meditation against an individual who is well versed with the law. You stand a chance of either getting a raw deal or going home with nothing at all. Being in a courtroom with a lawyer when you are not knowledgeable about the law is even worse. Your chances of winning such a legal battle are slim. 

Focus on healing 

In instances where the dispute involves injury, losing a loved one or even discrimination, hiring a lawyer allows you to focus on your recovery process. Whether the pain is physical, financial or even emotional, focusing your energies on recovering and restoring normalcy is crucial. Besides a lawyer helping you figure out the logistics, he or she has everything it takes to help you recover the cost from the associated expenditure. 


Taking legal action against someone doesn’t make you bad. You can file any lawsuit and fight for your rights without feeling guilty. Whether you had just met an accident or have had an insurance company cheat you or if you have had any issues with your spouse, you can contact MA lawyer for uncontested divorce and they will help you out in various things. When doing so you should consider working with a lawyer to give you stability throughout the legal process. Benefits of having an attorney are worth the trouble.

Tips to achieve your lifetime dream


There’s a moment in everyone’s life where one feels like he’s stuck. There are plenty of people that dream big but achieve very little as they lack that extra motivation to get what they want. Admittedly, chasing a dream isn’t very easy either since you have to sacrifice many comforts including a steady paycheck.

There are also other things holding you back such as insecurity and fear. In this article, we look at tips that will help you achieve your dream

Men flying

1. Commitment

When you think of your goal, you need positive thoughts flooding your mind in order to make all the disappointments along the way seem small. This requires a lot of commitment since disappointments tend to replace negativity with positivity in your mind quickly. Hence, make sure you are looking for commitment more than motivation to see yourself reach your dreams.

2. Importance of knowledge

Rather than focusing on the result, you need to focus more on the journey, and in this case, the journey includes everything that you learn along the way. If you focus more on knowing, you’ll be able to easily find the fun in everything and keep frustrations at bay. Focusing solely on the results will affect your motivation as it’ll wither away the moment something wrong happens.

3. Thoughts

Your thoughts are your own to choose. Remember that, since you’ll have a lot of thoughts to choose from. Typically, we tend to gravitate towards the darker thoughts which leave you hanging emotionally. These thoughts will not help you grow and hence, you need to concentrate on the thoughts that help you move forward in life. These thoughts may include stepping out of your comfort zone or even experimenting with new things in life.

4. Be harsh on yourself

Being kind to yourself will hamper growth opportunities as you’ll find ways to help yourself for the quicker gain than for the long term. This can often lead to stagnancy since you’ll only end up waiting for the opportunity that you want instead of helping yourself to any chance that comes along your way. Find ways to challenge yourself and overcome your fears. If you don’t, you may even find yourself depressed.

5. Distractions

No matter what, there will be distractions, and there’s no way around this. These may not be so obvious in the beginning as said distractions could be as simple as things that you do routinely. You may even focus on these more than the work you have on your hand since it seems like an easier thing to do.

Top 10 Most Popular Sports Leagues for Youth


Sports activities taught for the youth in such a tender age help them keep themselves occupied and from trouble typically prevalent at that age. Indulging in extracurricular activities in school can also teach them essential social skills needed for future endeavors in education and work. Interschool activities and competitions can open new doors of opportunities and scholarship. Here is a list of the top physical activities you should consider sending young ones to enroll.


Football is among the most famous and in demand interschool extra curriculum activity made available to students. This favorite sport if taught at a young age can guide students through elementary and even offer college scholarships based on their performance. Football is predominantly male-dominated sport making it less favorable for girls.


Both girls and boys equally play this sport. Basketball is a sport that is widely performed throughout the world. Kids can start competing at minor leagues as young as seven years old. Their motor, dribbling and shooting skills can be honed through various sports camps. Competing in national league basketball can fund your younger one’s college education.



Track activities like sprinting, relay, hurdles and other throwing activities are among other competitive sports activities available to kids. Kids can enroll and start competing at meets from the age of 9 years.

Baseball/ softball

These top-rated interschool activities are high in demand. Baseball and softball offer minor leagues for kids from the age of 4 and major leagues from the age 16 in high school and college.


Youth soccer leagues train and prepare young ones for their prospects in upcoming competitions and tournaments later in their school sports career. Kids young as three years old can start soccer training.


Volleyball is very famous. This sport supports both boy and girl teams as well that can compete in leagues and guide their way through school and college.


This sport focuses on weight and age division for both boys and girls. Kids can start participating in this sport from age 7 and make their way through interschool competitions from junior high. Wrestling competitions are based on weight classes.

Cross country

The cross run is an extremely athletic sport that requires running over natural terrains for long duration concentrating on a dedicated mindset that is often found in older age students in high school and college.


Tennis is an excellent activity for all kids and of all ages to efficiently utilize time and guide them through school with college enrolment opportunities.

Swimming and diving

These aquatic sports provide kids with opportunities to compete in competitions and tournaments with career-enriching opportunities. Kids of usually ten years and older participate in these sports. Moreover these ports offer an array of health benefits specifically for growing kids.

Auxiliary Affiliates

The Urban League of Battle Creek has two auxiliary affiliate organizations, the Urban League Guild and the Young Professionals.
The primary purpose of the Urban League Guild is to support the implementation of programs offered by the Urban League. They also provide service to the community through civic, cultural, educational and social activities. The Urban League Guild meets every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 12:30pm.
The Urban League of Battle Creek Young Professionals is filling a gap in the Battle Creek Community by providing a much needed avenue for connecting and empowering young African American professionals (roughly 21–45 years of age). This is accomplished by engaging in personal and professional growth-oriented workshops and community service activities.  

Change lives and empower people

Thank you for your ongoing support and confidence as we work to change lives; one person, one family and one neighborhood at a time.